In My Eyes

Photo by Xuckaponch

A radiant skin
A glowing smile
Every step breaths elegance
The cat falls prey
Every gaze ever Blazing
The toughest hearts melt
Alas! A beauty to Behold.

It is you I see
The sunshine the rainbow
Yes you are Heaven
It is your voice I hear
The silence the sea- music
The little bird that sings
Yes you are Angelic

It is you I know
Yet have no art to say
Every contact a revivified Bloom
Of glowing colours
That brightens my world.

Built Tough

Photo by Xuckaponch

I am not afraid!
I am a mystical suit of Armour
Obstacles stumble upon my radiant smile,
Push me in the midst of wolves,
I will emerge leader of the pack
Push me down,
I will stare right through the ground
Throw me in the dark
I possess a vision, that of an owl
Hit me with a ‘fire ball’
Next time you try, I am immune.
Wherever life’s journey might take me,
I shall adapt
No terrain, no climate, no wind, or wave
Will ever be my master
For even when the sky goes grey and the wind is cold,
I am leather bound
Fortified for when the rain falls
I will always be that one Dandelion
Standing tall, after a rainstorm
Blooming behind all the battering
I am resilient,
I am “Built Tough”!


The days got dark and darker

Everything seemed hard and harder

Just when i thought it was over

Then flickered.. a glamorous light

Softly she flies amidst.. so bright

Colourfully she stood

wings flapping gracefully

Slide! I let her in

Out! I stretched my hand

A beacon to let her perch

My eyes locked to hers

I tried to see her soul

Lean on me

Let me know your insecurities

Sing a song

Let me know your hearts tune

Dance with me

Let me know your every move

Stay with me

Fill the void in my heart

Hold my hands

Promise to never say goodbye.

Who Are You

good or bad

Who are you really?

Tell me, for i cant figure out,

Left to swim alone in my thought

I cant help but wonder.

Who are you?

You seem like the perfect Angel

Straight; from Heaven Above

Descend to spray contentmensatisfaction.

Who are you?

could you be the Devils right hand?

Straight from Hell below

All black and blazing red

Ascend to inflict painhorror.

Who are you?

Or: are you somehow poised in-between?

Half dept heaven other half Hell?

Who then are you?

Reveal thy true Nature…


Through the Good and Bad

Through the Happy and Sad

Through it all… i still put on a front to satisfy

Through it all… i wouldn’t change a thing

Through it all… i wouldn’t trade my life for fame

Give me your hands

Whether it be Happy or Sad

Whether it be Good or Bad

I shall take you along

Together with me.. ForLong


I shall catch every star for you
Cross every ocean for you
Even climb the highest mountains,
Across the toughest domains.
For I was lost in the frost
But you came along with purpose
Alas! I have found my paradise

A captive, your smile holds my heart
Your voice… music to my ears
Your smile… a veil of beauty to my eyes
Your angelic face leaves me breathless
Every little you do
Every little you say
Contains pixie and magic

My love for you is mighty
Mightier than the fall of Goliath
Forever I am yours, eternally you are mine
No doubt! It is you I have been waiting for
You… are everything I need
Take my hand, my heart and soul
For they… are meant for you


I just realized that until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how high you can fly. i have managed to sever the chords holding me down to the earth, i no longer hold on to useless junk that weighed me down, i am free, wondering the blue skies alongside the birds, i view impossible as I’m possible, moreover; ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist without the word possible.

I can fly, not with wings but with grace, for i have flown past and above hate, above; lies, above deceit, above inferiors, but highest of all, above enemies, i am way beyond their reach, for they are in my vicinity, and what is it they say? “your world, your rules” well, this is my space, i make and execute the laws around hear. you gotta play by my rules. you could try trespassing, infact you should try, you will only make me smarter and conscious, you will make me cross my comfort zone and be the best i could be, my wings will grow stronger and i will fly high over the stars, beyond your reach.

The Light

Up! From my knees i rise,


A sight so bright, the most burden heart could experience peace.

Penetrating the darkness

With it soft and tranquil beams,

Garnished with rays of hope

And new dreams.


My restless soul has found peace.

For the dark road, the treacherous one

Has reached its revelation

My troubled days are no more,

I have been reborn anew

As new as a spring upon a mountain.

Once again, i stand tall


A collection of my own experience

Looking at the mirror,

I see a total stranger


A new me, mirroring back

To the man i thought i was


I fell in love with my pain,

Not the feeling of it

But the way it built me

A stronger me, it has molded

An improved version,

A better me!

The Annihilation

Sitting here in this gloom

My soul is long lost

What shall I do?

This despondent is so consuming

My soul has neither rhythm nor rhyme

Yet, on and farther on I go

Dark and darker, yet to grow

In this sorrow just me, can see

All my kindness, all my love

Withered away

I have reduced to a hollow shell

Of what I once was

I do not see any helping hand

I have been forsaken by all

Its just me and my hollow soul

Drooping in this nightmare

I will keep pushing

For I know

One day!

It will set me free….

The Struggle

Walking the face of the earth

The part gets cold, and dark

Oh! I am lost and can’t be found

Creatures lurking in the shadows

Whispering: death! death! death!

My soul engulfed with fear
Splash! Into the pool of darkness I fell

Slowly the darkness began to consume me

I kicked and flail, trying to stay above

But the darkness won’t let go its grasp
Should I give up?

No! I won’t give up

Where is the strength and courage my heart holds

Has the darkness robbed you off me?

Come, come, come to my rescue….